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I have been knitting for ever (nearly) but only started devising patterns a few years ago. It is not quite the same, it requires different sets of skills - being clear and understandable for one!

My first ever pattern was this cowl: Tour de Monte Rosa cowl. I wanted to make a joke around the word col in French - it can mean cowl or pass (in mountain terms). And of course, you know I always link my creations to mountains, I am THAT obsessed!!

Hand knitted cowl in hand dyed yarn (variegated green with raspberry speckles)
I wanted to take the knitter on a journey with this cowl. When I walk in the Alps, it takes time and efforts. A bit like knitting (without the blisters). So this cowl journey starts at the bottom of the mountain, and climbs between the trees, along a meadow, then in the mineral world until you have gone all around the Monte Rosa and admired the view and the different landscapes.
I took time to make the details interesting, using different stitches in order to give texture to the cowl.
Here is an example:
close up on the cowl texture, achieved by chosing different stitch patterns
I am especially proud of this sample, because I knitted it with the eponimous 4ply yarn, dyed by me.
hand dyed yarn in jade, blue and raspberry colours
You can find it here!
Of course, the Tour de Monte Rosa is a beautiful trek to walk in the summer. Why not go there and try it for yourself? Alternatively, you can live vicariously and travel in your armchair, knitting the cowl 😉.

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