Blogotber 2022 - My favourite things about Autumn

My favourite things about: Autumn

My favourite things about🍂Autumn🍂


Autumn is possibly my favourite season. Don’t get me wrong, I like the snow and love skying, I love the flowers popping in the Spring and I definitely need the heat of Summer, but Autumn, oh, Autumn!

The air gets crispier. The leaves are getting fiery. The trees are the most beautiful fireworks display. The light is brighter and clearer. You can defintely spot me wrapped up in all the wool with my camera trying to get the best shots of it all.

blogtober favourite things about autumn - light coming through the autumn trees, opened garden gate leading to a field, leaves changing colours

It is a time to turn indoors, inside us, and the introvert in me loves this! Nothing like a long walk in the cold air followed by a hot chocolate curled up on the sofa under a handmade blanket with a big book… The best way to forget the madness of the world and all the worries for a while. We all need a break, right?

blogtober favourite things about autumn black cat sleeping on a book

And autumn definitely brings my inner child out. Do you remember what it was? Roaming free, having no care in the world but thinking about the next snack time, jumping in the puddles, kicking the fallen leaves, taking in the smell of moss and mushrooms, collecting conkers and acorns.

blogtober favourite things about autumn fingers holding two leaves, a small yellow one over a dark red bigger one with grass in the background

Autumn is the best really. Getting ready to hibernate for real when the cold settles in and the nights get longer…

It is also the perfect excuse to reach for needles or hooks and lots of yarn to make beautiful things.

Do you have a favourite season? Feel free to drop a comment!


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  • I love the autumn and winter . I think everyone likes to get cosy

  • I don’t think I do have a favourite season. There’s something lovely about them all.


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