Sock patterns for beginners

When you are a beginner, socks can be a bit daunting. But there are so many wonderful patterns that will make the task easier! It’s the perfect project to use all this special hand dyed yarn. And if you want to spice it up, why not knit a contrasting heel and cuff with a sock mini? Add these patterns to your waiting list, choose one, grab some circular needles, your favourite skein of yarn and have fun playing with colours and texture!


Free patterns to get you started


One of the best free patterns around, Winwick Mum‘s sock pattern is great to start: perfectly well explained and easy to follow. 

She also has a wonderful explanation on how to knit cuffs, heels and toes in contrasting yarn here.

Another easy sock pattern to follow: RhyFlower Knits' Unity socks, a beautiful message of crafting hope as well.

Some people call them “Vanilla socks“ because it‘s a bland pattern, but I disagree – vanilla is never bland, right? It’s a simple sock pattern and you will have a lovely pair in no time, especially if yo are using variegated or speckled yarn.


More sock patterns

I am adding a few paid patterns as well, because as someone mentioned to me, we all love a freebie but it is also good to support designers by buying their work. Here are just four to get you started and expand your knitting horizons!


Curious Handmade has a lot of sock patterns on Ravelry and even a “Sock Society” subscription, but you can find a few of her creations on Etsy as well. "Fragment socks" makes a lovely cabled sock pair

Audrey Borego is an amazing designer, also known as Yarnflakes and her patterns are lovely to make. I really like this intricate colour work, Aliénor socks, made using two colours and intarsia technique.

If you are not scared of counting and prefer to try lace, check “Spring in my Step” pattern by Other Craft Knits on Ribblr. It’s a lovely leafy design.

And, last but not least, “Changing lane” is a beautiful textured pattern by Knitting Expat – this one has even a toe up option if you would like to try a different way of knitting socks.


What is your favourite sock pattern? Share with us in the comments, i'd love to discover some more!



I wanted to add a fantastic pattern by Hanna from Germander CC - the flat knitted socks. A great way to start knitting socks if you find the circular knitting a bit daunting!


NB: I deliberately didn't link to any pattern on Ravelry as accessibility to their website is still an issue for some readers.


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