Fingerless gloves patterns ideas

Fingerless gloves pattern ideas

I love fingerless gloves. They stash well in the coat pockets, they keep me warm but I still get to feel what is at the bottom of my bag when trying to fish my keys out or send a text. My favourite yarn to use is 4 ply (sock yarn). It's the perfect project to make the most of your stash and even use the left overs from other projects.

There are so many patterns out there! Today, I am sharing my favourite ones with you, a mix of free and paid designs.

NB: I am not linking to any patterns on Ravelry because of their handling of accessibility issues.

Tree of Life is a lovely hand warmers pattern designed by Heike from Made with Loops.

Elizabeth Smith Design has a great matching set of hat and gloves.

Tin Can Knit has the best formula: you choose your size and the yarn weight, her model calculates how much yarn you need. it makes things super easy!

Mercurial Knits fingerless gloves pattern has a lovely texture, it would show off hand dyed yarn beautifully! It's also a very straightforward design.

If you prefer a challenge and want to take your knitting to the next level, these suggestions might appeal to you! You might learn new tricks and new stitches in the process, and I hope you will enjoy.

Cable always look amazing, and these gloves by Fatimah Hinds do not disappoint.

Dagmar Mora makes gorgeous patterns and this fingerless gloves one is just stunning!

If you would like to try Intarsia, why not give a go at this beautiful pattern by Kath Andrews Designs. You can really play with the colours there and show off some beautiful gradient yarn for example.

And the next challenge, should you choose to accept it, is provided by DreaReneeKnits in the form of fingerless gloves with a flap: the best of both worlds!





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