Mini basket crochet pattern free pattern

Mini basket crochet pattern

A while ago, on social media, I shared a photo of this little basket I made to keep all my face masks in one place - we are a family of five... it's quite a lot of face coverings!!

It makes a very handy little basket to use on your desk, on your windowsill or in the kitchen. I made a few others and have now one by the front door to collect all the trinkets we have in our pockets when we come back home. No more lost keys!

What I really like is that you can chose whichever colours you like best and make as many stripes as you want. I like mine colour blocks like, but you might chose to make little stripes instead of two colour blocks to manke your mini basket. Let your creativity free!

I finally wrote the pattern down and I am very happy to share it with you today as a lockdown gift. Tag #onecreativecat on social media so I can see your version of it!


Abbreviations (in UK crochet terms):

st: stitch

Ch: chain

HTR: half treble

sl st: slipped stitch



You will need 50g of DK cotton yarn and a 4mm hook. I choose 2 colours.

Start the base.

1. Chain 4 st, join in the round

2. Make 8 HTR in the hole, join to first st - 8st

3. Ch1, 2HTR in each st, sl st in first st - 16st

4. Ch1, *HTR, 2HTR in next st* until the end - 27st

5. Place marker *HTR, HTR, 2HTR in next st* until the end - 34st

6. Move marker *2HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR* until the end

7. move marker * 2HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR* until the end - 45st

8. Move marker *2HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR, HTR* until the end - 52st

9. 2HTR, (HTRx6) until 3 before end, (HTR x3) - 60st

10. Move marker, 2HTR, (HTRx7) until 4 st before end, (HTRx4) - 68st


Start the side of the basket

11. Move marker. 1 HTR in each st until the end - 68st

12-15. like round11.

16. Change colour. 1HTR in each st until the end -68st

17-18. Like round 16

19. Sl st in each st.

Break yarn, weave in ends.


Display proudly in your house or make more and give them away to make someone happy! 

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