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Why I knit

I come from a large family. On both sides, my grand mothers were avid knitters. I remember my paternal grand mother knitting king size bed covers out of cotton lace, in strips, and assembling it so delicately I can’t find the seams to that day. My maternal grand mother was so fast at knitting that you could hear the click click of her needles as soon as she was seated, and she was even able to play scrabble and knit at the same time: I was in awe!

Why I knit - the beginings

So naturally, I wanted to learn to. It took a few sessions over a summer, under the pine trees, with an aunt and a cousin, left over yarn and large needles (possible 5mm). I made the wonkiest bit of knitting and called it a scarf. It disappeared quickly into the abyss of memory (I can’t even remember what colour it was!). I was 8.

The next summer, another aunt was pregnant, and I decided to knit something for the baby. I made a cute jumper, in garter stitch, one of those T shaped garment that are easy for a beginner. I think I still have a photo, somewhere…

why I knit. Baby standing with arms wide wearing a hand knitted garter stitch top in white with dark blue stripes


Why I knit - exploring the techniques

The next knitting project was a jumper for me – boat shaped neck, straight body, I mastered the stripes in stockinette stitch. Sorry, no photo - but I still wear it when I am at my parents! 

Then I can’t really remember… I was definitely knitting gifts for new babies (I have 14 cousins on my mother side and 27 on my father side): booties, jumpers, cardigans, hats…

My Mum was amazing at Intarsia (I still have a jumper she made without a pattern that is just a piece of art!) and I loved exploring new techniques to follow her footprints.

However, I was always knitting everything flat and stitching it all together. When I decided to try knitting socks, my Mum got me a book with different techniques – and I discovered knitting in the round. Needless to say, there was no turning back. My straight needles are now stashed away and everything I knit is in the round – no seams, no fuss.


why I knit. Intarsia knitting showing the back of the project, with all the strands of yarn in different colours interlapping


why I knit. Intarsia - showing the right side of the project, a blue background with a snowflake shape in red and white and green geometric stripes

So, why do I knit? At first, I was just proud to make garments I could gift or make myself clothes. Continuing with the tradition of the knitting women in my family.

But it became more. I realised I needed to keep my hands occupied while watching a film. To keep my mind focused when I went through hard times. To keep doing something useful when nothing made sense. To feel the softness of a thread through my fingers. To make colourful and playful items. To give.

Why do you knit?


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  • Such a great post. I think my main reason is that it allows me to be creative but in a way that’s small, portable and fits around my life in a way that other creative pursuits don’t

    Louise Tilbrook

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