Beginner crochet patterns ideas

Beginner crochet patterns ideas

When you start your crochet journey, it is helpful to find easy patterns to make that push you just that bit to improve your skills without being too frightening.

Here are a few I like, easy enough for a beginner, looking fantastic and never boring! I am adding the yarn weight requirements as well so you can dive in your stash and start hooking right now.

NB: I am not linking to Ravelry anymore due to their accessibility issues.

A simple shape – perfect to learn a new stitch. The repetition makes it easy to memorise, but it won‘t be boring because you will make this beauty in no time!

I like the matching coaster, this would make a great gift!

You will need Aran yarn for this project.

The pattern is available on Hanna Hall‘s website for free:

This little coin pouch is based on the granny square technique. It consists of two squares and a semi circle, sewn together at the end. You can really play with the colours there, making something retro and funky or staying with the same colour scheme all around.

Head over to Christine‘s website to start one now!

No yarn weight is suggested here, but looking at the hook size, I would go for Sport or DK weight.

These beautiful starts would make an amazing bunting or decorations, in my opinion! It‘s a granny square inspired project too, written in US crochet terms but with a handy translator chart to UK crochet terms – it should be easy to follow.

Get bold with the colours and scatters stars everywhere!

DK yarn is required for this project.

For something as beautiful as it is useful, have a look at this headband pattern by Tahryn. Super stylish and very easy to make, with no sewing involved. This headband is crocheted in the round with a beautiful textured stitch.

You will need Aran yarn for this project.

If you want to make something really stunning, head over to Christine website again and have a look at this beautiful mandala pattern.

It can feel a bit daunting, and you will have to keep track of the stitch increase carefully, but this is so satisfying to make!

You can really play with the colours here, using different shades of a colour or make a rainbow.

The explanations are very detailed and easy to follow. No yarn details on this one, but I would recommend starting with DK yarn and a 4mm hook to make it easier. Once you make one, you can‘t stop (trust me on that one!) and you can even follow this same pattern to make rugs and scatter mandalas everywhere!

And last (for now!) is my little trinket basket, made with a simple DC stitch and crocheted in the round (did I mention I don‘t enjoy sewing my projects??) made with DK cotton yarn.

You can find this one for free here:


Which one is your favourite?



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