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While I knit...

If you are like me, while your hands are busy creating, your mind can get a bit lonely...

While I knit, I like to...

Listen to podcasts

My favourite podcasts at the moment are very eclectic. I really love these three podcasts at the moment:

  • Under the skin, by Russell Brand. I especially liked the episode with Karamo from Queer eye.
  • The infinite monkey cage. Brian Cox and alii on matters of the world, with lots of humour and sage reflexions.
  • Undercover Mumbai series, by BBC4. The story of a female police detective in Mumbai, India.

Watch something

I can go deep into the story of a serie and get immerged in its universe for a while... That is exactly what happened with these:

  • Shitt's creek. A successful family fallen in disgrace ends up in the middle of nowhere... and starts to rebuild itself. i loved the dysfonctional dynamics, the characters are exceptional in their quirks! Fun and deep, unexpectedly! (Netflix)
  • ER. The ancestor of the modern TV series. Follow the team in the A&E over years. (Channel4)
  • Hinterland. Dark, crime series situated in Wales. Beautiful landscapes. Moody and noir. (Netflix)

Listen to an audiobook

  • Tomorrow, by Graham Swift. A woman can't sleep on the eve of her twins' 16th birthday. Tomorrow, her husband will disclose some news to the children. Captivating, and so well read by Lindsay Duncan.
  • Tales of the City, by Armistead Maupin. Read by the writer himself, the perfect way to peak into his world! A little trip to San Francisco...

Do you have recommendations? Share with me!