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Colourful knitting

I don't know about you, but at the moment I really need colourful knits!

I started a jumper with the beautiful Puna alpaca DK yarn, by Drops Garnstudio, but i have mainly beige (natural) balls, and one dark blue. I couldn't decide on any design, I finally picked up Ann Budd's book "Jumpers in the round" - it always has the perfect recipe for a jumper that fits. I knitted a good chunk of it before deciding it was not was I wanted. I left it aside for a while, picking up other projects. Starting new things - a baby jacket, a crochet blanket. And in the end I frogged it again...

I realised it's not the design. Althought the yarn is very soft and a real pleasure to work with, I noticed I couldn't work with natural colour. I need strong pops of colour.




So I am back to square one, looking for yarn everywhere... Because of course, I have nothing suitable in my stash!😁

Sounds familiar?😉

I am just looking at my rainbow bunting in the window in the meantime...