Crochet pattern: mini baskets

A while ago, I shared a photo of this little basket I made to tidy my face masks. I finally wrote it down and I am very happy to share it with you. Tag #onecreativecat on social media so I can see your version of it!

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Winter wonderland online Christmas market

This year is so weird... normally I would have been exhibiting in Christmas markets locally, lugging boxes and tables, laying out the perfect pretty display and fairy lights, but hey, everything is cancelled... Have no fear though, because thanks to technology, you will now be able to stroll the festive markets from the comfort of your home!

Make you mulled wine / cider or a hot chocolate, put on your woolly socks, blast the carols, get comfy on the sofa and have a browse!

I will be at Winter Wonderland for 3 days of fun and lovely, crafty beauties, from the 27th to the 29th November. The program?

🎄 Mulled wine shopping while staying cosy, this time under a blanket on the sofa!

🎄 Christmas Crafts bringing wonderland to your living room

🎄 Children’s story time to fill their day with wonder and fun

🎄 Special Santa visit!

🎄 Special Offer Night

🎄 Meet the maker MadeByHand fair

Click here to go to the grotto - I can't wait to see you there!

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Yarn substitution in 3 easy steps

When looking up knitting or crochet patterns online, I like to be able to use my stash or another yarn than suggested by the designer. Not everybody can afford the hand dyed yarn used in the original pattern, or one may want to be able to use a commercial yarn because the fiber is different.

What to look for?

Yarn weight

In the pattern, sometimes the yarn weight is mentionned. Lace, 4 ply, DK, aran, chunky… are different yarn weights. It means the number of strands plied in the yarn is different. The more strands you have, the thicker the yarn.

Sometimes the designer lets you know how much “ply” (strands) there are in the yarn they used (2 ply, 4 ply, 8 ply…) and you can find a commercial yarn with similar characteristics. Or they use the usual denominations above: lace, 4 ply, DK… Another good indication is the yardage and the gauge given.

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Colourful knitting

I don't know about you, but at the moment I really need colourful knits!

I started a jumper with the beautiful Puna alpaca DK yarn, by Drops Garnstudio, but i have mainly beige (natural) balls, and one dark blue. I couldn't decide on any design, I finally picked up Ann Budd's book "Jumpers in the round" - it always has the perfect recipe for a jumper that fits. I knitted a good chunk of it before deciding it was not was I wanted. I left it aside for a while, picking up other projects. Starting new things - a baby jacket, a crochet blanket. And in the end I frogged it again...

I realised it's not the design. Althought the yarn is very soft and a real pleasure to work with, I noticed I couldn't work with natural colour. I need strong pops of colour.




So I am back to square one, looking for yarn everywhere... Because of course, I have nothing suitable in my stash!😁

Sounds familiar?😉

I am just looking at my rainbow bunting in the window in the meantime...

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While I knit...

If you are like me, while your hands are busy creating, your mind can get a bit lonely...

While I knit, I like to...

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If you want to help...

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and safe at home, and that you can make time for yourself in these troubled times.It is a strange life, not being able to go out and about as we used to. There are up and downs, definitely, for me... Some days are easier than others.

I decided to do something useful and connected via Facebook to groups or people making stuff to help health workers. You know they have to wear face masks all day long (or night!), and shifts can be up to more than 12 hours... Hello sore ears...Today I will share with you my pattern to crochet "ear savers", a strap with buttons meant to go behind your head to attach the mask straps and save sore ears.

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My new knitting pattern:Tour de Monte Rosa cowl

My new knitting pattern is out! Tour de Monte Rosa is a beautiful cowl made in 4 ply. Perfect to show off that precious hand dyed skein. If you feel adventurous and would like to try something new, come with us on the path and let's have fun in the Alps!

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